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How to correct pan error in tds return a detailed guide step wise...

For the purpose of reporting TDS (Tax Deducted at Source) returns, the deductee's PAN (Permanent Account Number) must be accurate. Nonetheless, errors can occur, resulting in the wrong PAN being submitted in the TDS return. Fortunately, resolving a PAN issue in TDS returns may be done online quickly and easily. This tutorial will walk you through the process of correcting PAN errors in TDS returns step-by-step.

Step 1: Identify the PAN error.

The first step is to identify the PAN issue in the TDS return. The TDS return filing acknowledgement, which will include the deductee's PAN number on it, can be used to verify this. If the PAN is off, it needs to be corrected.

Step 2 : Visit and log in to the TRACES website.

Once the PAN issue has been identified, proceed to the TRACES (TDS Reconciliation Analysis and Correction Enabling System) website. Online TDS return correction is made simple with the use of a technology called TRACES.

3. Choose "Defaults" as the tab.

Choose "Request for Correction" from the drop-down box under "Defaults" after logging in to the TRACES website.

On step four, pick the proper quarter and form.

On the "Request for Correction" page, select the relevant quarter and form for which the PAN correction is needed. It is essential to select the proper quarter and form because errors at this point could result in further delays to the repair process.

Step 5: Enter the correct PAN.

After selecting the quarter and form, click "Proceed". On the following screen, select the option to correct the PAN, then enter the correct deductee's PAN number. It is imperative to enter the correct PAN, even though incorrect information can prolong the correction process.

Step six's correction should be verified.

After getting the correct PAN, the system will validate the correction. If there are any errors, the system will issue an error message, and the correction must be done again.

Step 7: Make the change.

Once it has been confirmed, send the rectification to the Income Tax Department. After submitting the correction, a confirmation message will show up on the screen.

Save the statement of rectification in step eight.

Once the fix has been submitted, the system will offer a corrective statement. Download the correction statement to be sure the repair was made appropriately. The rectification statement will include the corrected PAN and any subsequent corrections.

Step 9 is to turn in the statement of correction.

After having it checked, submit the updated statement to the Income Tax Department. The correction statement may be submitted online via the TRACES website or physically by providing a hard copy to the Income Tax Department.


Correcting PAN mistakes in TDS returns is essential to ensuring compliance with tax legislation. It is essential to carefully follow the directions provided on the TRACES website when finishing the process in order to prevent additional delays in the repair process. It is also advised to maintain accurate records and papers related to TDS, such as TDS certificates and quarterly TDS statements, to ensure effective adherence to tax requirements. If you have any questions or need assistance correcting a PAN error in TDS returns, go to or write us an email at You should speak with a tax specialist as well.

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