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Payroll Processing

Better Payroll Management is better resource management aswell !! Ain't it ?

Payroll and human resource processing

What is payroll processing?
The payroll is a list of all the employees who are paid by the business. Payroll is the entire sum that employers pay to their employees. The payroll function includes developing an organization's pay policy, which could include include flexible benefits and a leave encashment policy.

Obtaining other payroll inputs, such as the organization's food vendor supply, as well as payslip components like basic, variable pay, HRA, and LTA are all part of payroll management.

In addition to completing tax returns, depositing TDS, PF, and other dues with the appropriate authorities, payroll and HR management also includes paying employee salaries.

Payroll processing ultimately entails calculating the Net Pay after tax adjustments and other deductions.

Payroll processing and HR administration
Due to India's extensive compliance regulations, most small businesses find that handling HR and processing payroll is an extremely challenging task.

Since most startups lack well-established HR systems and procedures, it can be challenging to find top personnel, retain capable workers, and even develop a positive workplace culture.

By outsourcing payroll and HR management to the Returnfiler team, a person can enjoy a stress-free and error-free payroll cycle each month.

Additionally, our HR professionals can help the company immediately implement top-notch HR practises in order to support the growth of the organisation.

Payroll processing in India
Payroll-related tasks
defining payroll policy
The first stage is to define bank policies that will be applied to payroll activities. These guidelines must have management approval before they can become standards. policies governing wages, attendance, paid time off, benefits, and other matters.

gathering data
Now, inputs are gathered from a variety of departments to guarantee the precision of the payroll computation.

Data SourceData Illustration

Income tax returns for employees, services rendered, and more

Group HR

Salary range and eligibility for perks

Financial teamDeductions for recoveries

Attendance and vacation regulations

the current shift, data from attendance records, etc.

general service providers

transportation service provider, canteen supplier, etc.

Although first this data collection may seem difficult, registering with Returnfiler will make it simpler.

input validation
Once the information has been gathered, it is essential to verify its accuracy because even the smallest mistake could ruin the payroll procedure.

Ensure sure the list only includes information about employed people who are currently working. verifying that the data meets with business standards by looking at it. Check to see that the presentation is done properly.

determining pay rates
The input data that has been checked in advance of processing actual payroll is now sent to the payroll system. The result is the Net pay, which has been adjusted for the proper taxes and other deductions.

It is always advisable to reconcile the data and verify the accuracy after the payroll process is finished in order to avoid further errors.

Regulation adherence for post-payroll
The person in charge of payroll must adhere strictly to all legal obligations. When processing payroll, a number of statutory deductions, including EPF, TDS, and ESI, are made.

These deductions are subsequently given to the relevant government agencies or authorities.

Keeping track of payroll
Every organisation is required to maintain accurate books of accounts, and one of these books of accounts' most important entries is the wage paid.

Salaries can finally be paid in cash, checks, or bank transfers when the aforementioned steps have been completed. Establishing employee salary accounts is advised for seamless transfers.

Compiling a report is the last stage, and it's critical to complete it precisely so that it include information like employee costs by department or region.

various payroll management methods
Excel-based payroll management
When a company is just getting off the ground and has a small number of employees, it decides to handle payroll using Excel.


....... The pre-established mathematical formulas enhance the payroll officer's calculations. However, this strategy has a number of drawbacks, such as

given that the data are manually input, there is a high possibility of clerical and mathematical errors.

It could be difficult to add and remove people from the payroll list.

the likelihood of data duplication and the uncommon occurrence of entries

It is vital to keep track of tax revisions and other regulatory changes, including PF and PT.

Payroll service usage
An outside organisation conducts the payroll function when it is outsourced. The monthly pay cycle-based payroll service provider also provides extra data, such as attendance, leave, and reimbursement details.

Following that, the payroll calculation and legislative compliance are handled by the external service provider. Payroll is a crucial task, and Returnfiler can help you complete it to perfection.

Payroll management process problems
For these two reasons, processing payroll administration becomes difficult.

the requirement that laws be followed
Fines and, in the worst case, the viability of the company could be incurred for breaking the legislation. But, once you register with Returnfiler, processing payroll legally takes place automatically.

using a variety of payroll input sources
Getting all the data before processing the payroll from various sources, such as the attendance register, records of the transportation facilities used, and data from the HR team, such as information on compensation modification, takes a lot of time.

A number of years ago, HR and payroll administrators used Excel spreadsheets to manage payroll. However, these spreadsheets had limitations, such as a reliance on Excel formulas for wage calculation, difficulty adding and removing people, and other issues like manual data entry and trouble extracting information.

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