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GST Registration Documents

The required paperwork must be completed in order for regular taxpayers to register for GST.

Company or applicant's PAN Card

While requesting GST registration, all normal taxpayers must provide the following supporting documentation. Due to the taxpayer being required to disclose information about their PAN when registering for GST, all enterprises will be connected to that PAN for tax and legal purposes.

photos, identity documents, and proof of address

The following people must provide photo identification, address verification, and identity documentation. As proof of identity, you may present your PAN, passport, driver's licence, Aadhaar card, or voter identification card. Passports, driver's licences, Aadhar cards, voters identity cards, and ration cards are some examples of acceptable identification that can be used as address evidence.

Limited Liability Partnerships or proprietor partnerships Partners who manage, authorise, and are designated (Should submit the personal details of all partners along with photos of ten Managing Partners)

Members of the Management Committee, the Hindu Undivided Family, the Karta Business, the Managing Trustee, the Trustees, and the Authorized Person Association of Persons or Group of Individuals (personal details of all members are to be submitted, but photos of only ten members including that of Chairman are to be submitted)

a similar representative of a statutory body, as the CEO of a local authority A different culpable individual (ies)

Document of Business Registration

Before a person can register, all entities require evidence of their existence as a business. Due to the fact that the proprietor and the proprietorship are regarded as a single legal entity, this document is not necessary in the case of proprietorships.

The partnership deed is still required from the taxpayer in the case of a partnership firm. The MCA incorporation certificate must be provided in the case of an LLP or business. A registration certificate may be granted to a variety of institutions, including a society, trust, club, governmental organisation, or team of individuals.

Verification of Business Location Address

The relevant person must submit address evidence for each location of the business listed for GST registration. For GST registration, the following documents are acceptable as evidence of address.

Any proof of ownership is required for owned properties, including a copy of the Municipal Khata, the most recent property tax receipt, or a copy of an electrical bill.

About Leased or Rented Space

A copy of the municipal khata, the power bill, or any other document attesting to the lessor's ownership of the property, as well as the most recent property tax receipt. An affidavit to that effect and any document indicating possession of the property, such as a copy of an electricity bill, are admissible in the absence of a rental agreement or lease deed.

SEZ Buildings

The applicant must upload the necessary documents as provided by the government if their primary place of business is a SEZ or if they have registered as a SEZ.

Every Other Case

Any other documentation demonstrating the consenter's ownership of the property, such as a copy of the municipal khata or an electricity bill, must be submitted with the original consent letter in all other circumstances. The same papers could also be posted for properties that are shared.

Bank Account Evidence

The branch's details, including the branch code, the name of the owner or corporate entity, the bank account number, the MICR code, the IFSC code, and the MICR code should all be provided. The initial page of the bank passbook, the relevant page of the bank statement, or a scanned copy of a cancelled check all provide this information.

Class 2 Digital Signature A digital signature must be used to sign each GST registration application. Hence, before continuing with the application process, it is imperative to collect the digital signature of the subsequent signer of the GST registration application.

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